(Please read these terms & conditions carefully before submitting application)
Use of DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Service is subject to the following terms and conditions which set out the general rights and
obligations of the User(s) and Vision Capital Management Ltd (VCML) in connection with the use of DSE-Mobile or DSE-Investor Service.
1.1. Singly operated BO account holders, Joint accountholders (operating in either or survivor mode), may apply for DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR
Services. In terms of joint account holders (operating in either or survivor mode), only one of the applicants will be entitled for requesting
and receiving DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR services. The User shall apply to our Head Office or Branches in the Prescribed Form and must
submit at his/her presence for use of DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services subject to the terms and conditions stated herein including any
other terms and conditions as modified or inserted by VCML from time to time.
1.2. To perform DSE-MOBILE, user will be required to avail an android phone with minimum version 4.4 and for DSE-INVESTOR will be required
Internet browser on desktop/laptop. Customer will have the option to select DSE-MOBILE Trade or DSE-INVESTOR platform or both to perform
online trading.
1.3. NRB clients need to send filled up DSE-MOBILE registration form along with valid passport copy (first 6 pages with amendment pages if
available) & Driving License / Residency Card/ PR Card (Photo ID) copy attested by Bangladesh High Commission through International
Courier to the company.
1.4. VCML at its sole discretion may accept or reject any such applications. Once the application is accepted by VCML, these Terms & Conditions
shall form the contract and govern the relationship between the User and VCML in relation to use of DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services.
2.1. After receiving valid application VCML will provide the User with unique User Identification Number (“User ID”) and a temporary Password
in the first instance through email. The User(s) hereby authorizes and instructs VCML to email him/her the User ID and Password relating to
his/her access/log-in to DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services to the email address given in the application at his/her own risk and
responsibility. VCML shall not be liable and responsible for hacking of user computer where the user will receive the User ID and Password
and VCML shall not be responsible and liable for share of User ID and Password.
2.2. The User shall log in to DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR by using the User ID and Password. As a safety measure, the User shall immediately
change password upon his/her first login. User is requested to change his/her Password frequently thereafter to avoid any possible hacking,
inherent risk or misuse/fraudulent use of his/her account. In case of hacking/sharing of User ID and Password VCML shall preserve the right
to close the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR without prior consent from the User. However, VCML shall preserve the right to file a case against
the User if it is served by VCML that the User has/may any involvement with the incident.
2.3. The User acknowledges that the Login ID (User ID) and the Password shall act as User’s authorized signature. This signature authorizes and
validates directions given just as an actual written signature does.
2.4. The User is therefore responsible for maintaining the confidentially and secrecy of User ID and Password. User should not under any
circumstances disclose his/her User ID and/or Password to anyone, including anyone claiming to represent the VCML or to someone giving
assistance on a technical in connection with the service. It is clearly understood that VCML’s employees do not need Password for any
reason whatsoever. VCML shall not be held liable in any manner or in any form whatsoever in case of any unauthorized or fraudulent use of
the User’s account through DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services or for loss, misplacement or fraudulent use of the User ID and Password.
2.5. User needs to mail to it@visioncapital.com.bd to reset password, lock or change account to non-transactional mode of DSE-MOBILE OR DSEINVESTOR
2.6. If the User’s password is lost or stolen, or is known by another individual, he/she must notify VCML through calling to respected trader to
deactivate the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR and submit a written application at any nearest VCML Branch. VCML upon receipt of the written
request from the User shall at the earliest, stop the operation of the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services of the respective User account. If
the VCML receives any information verbally or in written form from anyone including the user, VCML may immediately suspend the services
in good faith for the safety and security of the user.
2.7. The User agrees and acknowledges that VCML shall in no way be held responsible or liable if the User incurs any loss as a result of
information disclosure to any third party by the user him/herself regarding his Account(s) or carrying the instruction of the User pursuant to
the access of the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR and the User shall fully indemnify and hold harmless VCML in respect of the same.
2.8. User hereby acknowledges and understands the inherent risk of using Internet and availing the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services and
accordingly shall take all necessary precautions at his/her end to safeguard him/her from such risk. VCML shall not be held liable in any form
whatsoever if the User suffers any loss or damages due to such inherent risk of DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services.
3.1. VCML shall initially provide the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services at free of cost. However, VCML reserves the right to charge and recover
from the User(s) service charges, as may be fixed by VCML from time to time. The User hereby authorizes VCML to recover such charges
from his/her account(s).
3.2. Charges are subjected to change from time to time at VCML’s discretion.

4.1. The User shall ensure that there are sufficient funds/shares in his/her account for submitting orders through the DSE-MOBILE OR DSEINVESTOR.
All instructions of the User shall be carried out subject to sufficient fund/share in the respective accounts.
4.2. VCML shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of its failure to carry out the order execution due to inadequacy of fund/ shares.
5.1. If User believes unauthorized access is being made with his/her account, he/she should change the Password immediately and notify VCML.
5.2. User shall be responsible for submitting all types of buy/sell orders.
5.3. Disclaimer: VCML shall not be liable for any order request rejected by system for the mistake/noncompliance of BSEC, DSE and VCML Rules
and Regulations by the originator.
5.4. VCML shall have the right to reject any order entry if not fully complied with requirements of BSEC, DSE and VCML and the originator is in
default, including but not limited to the requirement, to maintain an adequate account balance or line of credit.
5.5. VCML may add or modify the standard terms of conditions, (If needed).
5.6. User should agree and confirm that he/she will not use this DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR facility for illegal, unlawful purpose like suspicious
trade, circular trade, speculative trade or any other activities against Securities Laws, ICT ACT or any others Laws.
5.7. User shall fully comply with the Rules and Regulations of BSEC, DSE and shall not use the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR services for any Money
Laundering, Terrorism or any activities subversive of the state or of discipline.
5.8. VCML reserves the right to request explanation from the User regarding any matter pertaining to BSEC & DSE Rules and Regulations, Money
Laundering Prevention Act, 2012, Anti Terrorism Act, 2009 and ICT Act, 2016 of the country.
6.1. These Terms and/or the operations in the Accounts of the User shall be governed by the Laws of Bangladesh, in force.
6.2. VCML may, in its absolute discretion, commence any legal action or proceedings arising out of breach or violation of any of the Terms for
DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR in any other court, tribunal or other appropriate forum irrespective of the place from where the User access the
DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR Services, and the User hereby consents to that jurisdiction.
6.3. Any provision of the Terms for DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR which is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction shall, as to such
jurisdiction, be ineffective to the extent of prohibition or unenforceability but shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of the Terms or
affect such provision in any other jurisdiction.
7.1. VCML shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms at any time and shall attempt to communicate such
change(s) wherever feasible by any possible means. By using any new services as may be introduced by DSE, the User shall be deemed to
have accepted the changed Terms.
8.1. The User may request for termination of the DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR to VCML at any time by giving a written notice at his/her presence
of at least 3 days prior. The termination shall take effect on the completion of the three day. However, the User shall always be held liable
for all accrued obligation transactions or instruction given on or before the effective date of termination. A nonresident customer/user can
pay visit to any branch for termination of his/her DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR while s/he is in Bangladesh or can send the termination
request application with photocopy of first six pages of passport attested by nearest Bangladesh High Commission and send them via
international postal service/courier to the VCML Head Office.
9.1. User must compensate for any loss that occurs as a result of his/her breaching any terms of this agreement.
I/We hereby acknowledge that I/we have read and understand the terms and conditions for DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR and the risk
involved in DSE-MOBILE OR DSE-INVESTOR operation and further declare and affirm that by signing below, I/we apply for the DSE-MOBILE
OR DSE-INVESTOR Services subject to the aforesaid terms and conditions.
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Client’s Name:
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