• Vision Capital Management Limited

      A trusted and a leading stock brokerage firm of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited (DSE), is serving a diverse customer base of institutional and retail investors.
      Speed: Our state-of-the art technology enables to instantly trade on the DSE.

    • Convenience:
      You can trade with us online or on the phone from the convenience of your home or office.
      With our trusted pedigree, you can be assured that you get the best service in a transparent manner. By trading with us, you are in total control of your funds and stocks.
      Our team has experience in providing brokerage services to customers in a transparent and trusted manner. We have a dedicated, motivated and experienced team of professionals to provide you top class service.
      Your Interest:
      For us, your interest comes first. We endeavor to provide high quality investment services, in a simple, direct and cost-effective way to help you achieve your financial goals.